Summer Pet Safety

Before the summer heat hits, now is the time to brush up on summer pet safety tips.

While the temps begin to climb here in Florida, don’t forget your furry friends. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you and your pets will have a fun and safe summer.

1. Visit the Vet. This is the time of year to make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccinations. Also, have them checked annually for heart worms. A nasty little parasite that is transmitted by mosquitoes. As your vet about preventatives for them.

2. Having a Cool Dog. Keeping your pets hydrated is very important. Cats and dogs can become dehydrated very quickly, so having easy access to fresh and clean water is essential. When outdoors, make sure they can get into a cool shady place easily. Lastly, when on asphalt be very cautious, as temps can be much hotter than the air and can cause your pet to warm up quickly or even burn their paws.

3. BBQ’s and Parties. It’s a great time of year to hang out with friends by the grill, but remember many of the foods and drinks that you and your guests enjoy may be toxic to your pets.

4. Fireworks. The quintessential summer holiday, July 4th, is not nearly as fun for cats and dogs as it is us. The best idea is the leave them at home or inside of your home while fireworks are being ignited. Aside from the chance of suffering severe burns, fireworks contain chemicals that are toxic to them: copper, chlorates, potassium nitrate, arsenic, and other heavy metals.